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5V ARGB LED controller - Non-Limiting
« on: June 15, 2021, 08:28:31 pm »
I need a 5V ARGB controller to test amperage of 5V ARGB computer LED lights.

Interestingly,   I have one, but I think it is limiting current. Maybe not, but can I test it for limiting current by hooking lights up in a series and watching current increase? It's just a cheapo controller, but it says it's good for 3A @ 5V. If it actually isn't limiting current, then the strip lights are - which  I confirmed by one manufacturer.

I asked why by my calculations the lights should be consuming more power, and he said they limit it on the strips to make the lights last longer. If I can test the controller I have now for limiting current, and it's not, then I can just use it.

One strip I tested using the 5V controller had all colors using the same power. So if I went to blue or red or green, they wold all read out the same amperage. That's not the way it is for 12V. On RGB 12V "white means R, G, and B are all on 100%, and the current jumps way up over any individual color. On these 5V ARGB strips, it was the same as all other colors. That is, all white was the same as all green, blue, or red. Anyway, I thought that was interesting. I guess the colors will put out the same lumens that way, including white. 12V RGB (non-addressable) don't do that, I guess because there is no IC in them.

Any input would be appreciated. I'm just going more on deduction here, and less on concrete facts. Anyway, if there is a way  can test the 5V controller I have for limiting current, I'll do it, and alternatively, is there a  5V ARGB controller I can use that does not limit current?

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