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74 and 4000 Series Cheatsheet


I whipped this up in the course of about an hour as a quick reference for salvaged and donated (Thanks, you know who you are!) logic chips. It's taken from the two lists available on wikipedia, so I haven't checked it personally to be sure it's 100% accurate. I packed it full of abbreviations, reduced the font size to 'credit card contract', and used two columns to get the whole list into three pages. My eyes aren't the best, but it seems ok after printing, no worse than the lettering on the chips themselves.

I've attached it in Open Office format. You may have to play with the top and bottom margins to get it on to three pages (I used 0.70" instead of the default), as I'm not sure the format saves the margin changes.

Just a quick hack together, but hopefully useful to someone. Enjoy. :)

Interesting, just note that the 744xxxx parts are really CMOS e.g. the 744066 but it will only exist in HC or perhaps AC versions.


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