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A fat bad ass vintage multiturn pot, is there anything I should aware of ?

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I always thought that I've seen enough different types of potentiometers until I bought this one, just received it recently, almost lost my jaw when I saw and held it in my palm, I wasn't expecting it will be this huge.  :o

Its the vintage Beckman Helipot 10K, 15 watt rated,  15 turns and with 0.02% linearity, also it looks like its designed to be hooked up with servo motor since the shaft is using a ball bearing and its made by Fafnir in usa, I guess it must be > 30 years old.

To other experienced fellows, just curious, apart from very good linearity, are there any other special care or treatment should I aware of since this is quite old piece of equipment ? From appearance, I believe its nos and the gold plated terminals are never soldered. I will let the pictures tell the tale since I'm speechless bout it's size.

Ok, how big is big ? The one 5 watt in the middle is already considered quite a big pot isn't it ? Wait a minute, no, the pot in this pic is not the one I'm talking about, wait till you see the 2nd photo.

A picture worth lots of words.  ;D

Its even fatter than a soda can.

Other more details shots with ruler to give you the idea of the size are at below thumb nail sized pics.


That looks awesome nice find

Haha i have a small screen and seen only first photo while reading the text and tought "omg that is one kick ass pot", seeing the second one i was really suprised  :)

Hi, BravoV

How about this "potmeter" ...
The price = 4000$ US  ;D


Price of 0.5L beer is 1 Euro.



--- Quote from: blackdog on December 10, 2011, 11:09:12 am ---How about this "potmeter" ...
The price = 4000$ US  ;D

--- End quote ---

blackdog, that's no pot in the typical sense.  That's a Kelvin Varley divider!  Very fancy, precision device, and priced accordingly.


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