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A good place to buy Hakko parts?


Hi guys,

I've picked up a used Hakko 470 desoldering unit yesterday. It wasn't in the best shape, but the price was very good, and it was a local guy so no shipping or tax to worry about. So I've purchased it. I've tested it, and the pump works, the filters are just fine, and the heater works which means the base unit is in good shape. I've also used it on a few solder joints on a board I've had lying around, and it worked just fine

There are only 2 issues with it. The first is it needs a new nozzle, the second is the I should probably get a new heater as well. While the one in there works, the shaft at the end is damaged and I'm worried it might not have a complete seal in this state.

I want to buy these two parts. So far I've sent an email to tequipment (got no response yet). They have the parts on their site, just want to make sure they have them in stock or at least can get them in a reasonable time. I'll also go to the local Hakko representative over here in Israel on Monday. Is there some place else I can check for these parts? The part numbers are A1029 and A1003.

BTW, I checked on ebay. Its quite expensive to get the parts there.

Thank you.

I'm not sure where you are, but if you're in the US I'd suggest AllSpec. I've picked up all my soldering stuff from them and they've treated me well when I've asked a bunch of questions.

Here's their links for your parts:

You might be able to shave a little off of that price, but it's about what I'd expect. AllSpec is very careful to deal directly with Hakko, so you're getting the good parts.

Hope that helps. :)

Thank you for the link. As I've stated in the first post, I'm from Israel.

tequipment and all-spec have exactly the same price for both items. I'll see how much shipping to Israel will cost, and perhaps just send it to my family in the states and have them send it over here if the store won't ship here directly.


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