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a little RF help needed

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Hi guys,

I have been tinkering with the MSP430-RF2500 2.5Ghz transceivers after getting the pair for $25 from TI with the half price coupon.

They use a very poor gain chip antenna so don't really have much range to speak of, but it is probably on the order of 15-20m line of sight.  They are incredibly small and low power though.

Anyway, I am interested in modifying one of them to act as a direction finder for the other (maybe put the other one inside the TV remote or my car keys) just for fun and to play around with writting a little code to detect the signal strength (I believe this is available over the SPI from the CC2500 RF chip.

I have not had a course in antennas yet in my EE program, so would really love a bit of advice on what might work as a quicky directional antenna to replace the chip one.


As I've said dozens of times around the net; I may be 10 kinds of geek, but RF geek isn't one of them. :)

That said, I've used this site a couple of times with good results, but with much lower frequencies.
Surely someone on here can say if you can use a Yagi at 2500 MHz.


I'm not an RF expert either :). There are some DIY designs for Wifi (2.4GHz) floating around. The frequency may be close enough that it works with minor modifications, or even without any (can't imagine them being too selective). I once made a biquad antenna for Wifi, it seemed to work fine (much better than the rubber duck antenna, although I had no way of measuring antenna performance), but that sounds like it might be too bulky for this application.

Duh ...WiFi .... I didn't think of that.
You can find loads of cheap wifi antennas on eBay. Just copy the following line to the eBay search window and you'll see over 1,000 of them.

(wifi, 802.11, 2.4GHz) antenna (yagi, directional) -cable -omni

Right...I didn't realize there were so many directional wifi antennas available!

The frequency of the TI part is 2.4Ghz...I mistyped when I said 2.5Ghz.

I even found a fairly amusing video on making a directional wifi antenna out of a tin can:


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