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Now that the contest is over (I didn't win....)   I can show off the guitar:

Done with Altium Designer,  Freescale Code Warrior,  Alibre Design and Front Panel Express.

What a great project. Really nice design and a good presentation.
Not sure I'd keep the RJ connection though, could be damaged over time with consistent use (or roadies stepping on them). Had you considered those mini multi-pin XLR connectors?

wow! that is exceptional work!

i found the part about the piezos very interesting. how do they behave with extreme temperature changes? ie: going from a 70°F car to a 93°F outdoor gig?

the additional sensors & inputs adds a lot of potential for creativity and possibly even integration with other devices. ie: stage lighting triggering, IEMs, midi, etc.

i like the cheap & readily available concept of the CAT6 cable, but like drgeoff, i question its ruggedness in a get drunk and get stepped type on environment. neutrik has their ethercon connector that looks roadworthy.

again, my hats off to you! great job!

I'll take a look at the ethercon.  The Cat6 has been somewhat of a novelty item.   The shielded Jacks and cables through can take quite a beating though.  I was a bit surprised as I have seriously abused them here.   When I play out I wrap the cable from behind the strap for strain relief.   Standard 1/4" Jacks are absolutely horrible for this..... You have to do the strain relief trick.

I have looked at the Mini XLR and they look cool.  Right now I use 3 pairs --> Power/GND, AES3+/AES3-, Analog+/Analog- .   The analog is balanced line as well as the digital out.   I really wish all musical gear would let 1/4" unbalanced die off.....  Balanced line is so much better.

My dream is to have the Ethernet jack right on the amp.  Nothing Else.   All  control is on the Pickguard.   I like the minimalist approach to the amp. (A dumb gain stage!)

That being said,  wireless would probably be V3.....   Need to figure out a battery and good low latency (i.e. one sample period) wireless technology.

I plan on open source everything at some point (if there is interest).   The debugger/JTAG interface is built onto the pickguard.   Codewarrior is free for 128k and works with both linux and Windows.  I am sure there is someone out there who has an unencumbered ARM cortex M4 GCC toolchain ready to go....   The hardware isn't cheap though....

I think you sold me on the ethercon .  They sell the housing without the cable and even have nice PCB mount connectors!


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