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Ad8630 quad opamp drop in substitute


Anyone know of any drop in substitutes for an AD8630ARZ quad opamp? Trying to build the skulcom DC electronic load and my chosen vendor that I've picked the entire BOM from is missing this as the only component.

Datasheet https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD8628_8629_8630.pdf

David Hess:
Could you use two duals instead or are you using the Skullcom circuit board?

There are not that many quad Az OPs. The MCP6V79 may be about similar, if the case fits. Chances are the bias can be a bit high, but it is different between units anyway. Other wise use the vendors search function.

Ideally I would go for single OPs or maybe duals.

The OPA4187 is a nice quad chopper. I have not compared all the specs.

TLV4333 was cheap last time I looked.
No idea if that fits the specs you need.


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