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An idea on using Vicor DCDC converters as a CC lab PSU?


So Vicor converters look fantastically engineered. They have some products in their line up that are capable of CC operation using their adjust pin called the SC pin. One can modulate the output voltage of these converters from 10% to 110% of their nominal output voltage at the sacrifice of output power (current capability does not increase) and the requirement for a minimum load current at low output voltages.

10% is both very far but also reasonably close to 0%  ;) for it to be usable for a CC bench PSU with some nice opamp control loops and a few voltages source that's capable of sinking to take up the slack. The benefit would be fairly easy and efficient, off-the-shelf lab PSUs. I wonder what people think to this idea and if they've thought about it before.

Here are some links




Victor,are just foward converter with Vincerilli's lossless snubber.

Perhaps not suitable for a lab supply.

We use classic HP linear, with meters, Vand I variable to zero



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