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Analog Filters: a Compilation of Standard Transfer Functions (UPDATED)

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Why would you do this? Anatoly Zerev did this in 1967!  |O

I recall having used variable Q with a constant peak gain and tuneable f BPFs in my grad thesis in the mid-70s and discovered a relationship not taught in school about GBW is not G * BW in active filters.

I discovered that the required GBW in active filters is actually  GBW = G* BW * Q²

The Q² significantly challenges Op Amps, especially with Q's = 100.  Fortunately, GBQ = 100 MHz Op Amps do exist and a couple more than this.  I have validated this using the TI Analog filter application, which used to be downloadable but shows the ideal and actual response with the required GBW and Q of each stage.


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