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Any data about CST716 capacitive touch controller (or equivalent)???........

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I'm working with a little TFT LCD that has a capacitive touch screen but no onboard controller.  They recommend you use a "CST716" touch driver chip on your board.  And of course, no data sheet available.

I don't happen to be in China, and don't have any hookups, so I'm having a hard time finding any information about this chip.  I would very much like to find some equivalent capacitive touch controller that I can actually get in the USA, but I don't even know where to start considering the actual display touch cable just lists "sensor channels 1-10" and ground pins.

Anyone familiar with this capacitive touch controller part or know of an alternative that would work with an interface that's just 10 "sensor channels"?

"CST716" also happens to be the part number for a toilet... coincidence?

Search results also suggest it could be similar to CST816S, of which I found some information here:


Cool!  That's more info than I had before.  Thanks.  I'll keep digging.

Considering how many displays use these touch drivers, data on these parts is hard to come by.  It sounds like the primary difference between the CST716 and CST816 is the support for multi-touch and more events in the CST816.  Otherwise compatible.

This is the CST816S pinout:


And a terrible google translation of the Chinese only datasheet is attached here.

This is all I got from the display datasheet about the capacitive touch connector:

I did find someone asking a similar question on reddit a while back with no good answer:

How would I even go about finding something that would work in it's place? 
(This goes to show you that no matter how much time you spend designing stuff, it doesn't take getting very far from your experience before you have no idea what you are doing.)


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