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Any idea for straight line motion of blind people

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I am working on a project to help blind people  move from  one place to another without a stick.I already make a obstacle detection and other guiding mechanisms but how to make a blind man move in a straight line ? How to guide a blind man stick to a footpath on a road?
Any sensors or guiding mechanisms?   

compass and beep maybe.

Interesting project.
I'm wondering where the blind person must walk straight: in a city center? Over a sidewalk that s higher than street level? What about following, with a sonar device or something optical, the sidewalk's edge?
At the intersections, a GPS-like system may talk to the person and give her the choice of going straigh, turn left or right.
Or a GPS system may guide the person along her march..
This can work even outside the city center.

In a city, could be easy to pose cables, or to  use the cables already up in the air to carry a RF signal.
This may be received by something..

There are even integrated Gyroscopes :http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/2514977-ic-gyroscope-angular-16soic-adxrs453brgz-rl.html

I  know, it is easy to write about the first ideas that come on, and they can be unrealizable..
Hope that your work will have good results.

Get input from blind people.
THey spend their whole life with the problem,& can tell you when you are following a dead end path in your development.


vibrations bro, like if theres something to their right, a vibrating collar around their right ankle would let them know


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