Author Topic: Anyboy have experience with the TiCoServo Library?  (Read 274 times)

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Anyboy have experience with the TiCoServo Library?
« on: May 09, 2019, 10:46:52 pm »
I'm working on a project that uses NeoPixel strips and servo's. In my other thread a member warned me that the pixel library disables interrupts during commands to update the pixels and that this might lead to jitter in the servos:

I was doing some research and saw that there is a TiCoServo servo library that seems to be able to run along side the NeoPixels because it doesn't use interrupts. So I have two questions:

1) Does anybody have experience with this library? Is it good?

2) I'm having trouble telling if this library will work with my 5v Pro Micro: which has a ATmega32U4. Can anyone confirm if this will work?

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