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Anyone ever made/copied a garage door opener transmitter?


Hi guys.  It has been awhile since I have logged on here.

I had a garage door opener we bought to move Frankenstein's monster in our halloween ride a few years ago and recently converted it to a new use - opening our garage door.  I lost one of the transmitters over the years and they are $40 at the store.  Also, they are quite large and I would like one for my motorcycle keychain.

So....I popped the cover off of the xmitter I have and see that it is quite simple.  I have not traced out the circuit yet, but I am guessing it is a little microcontroller that sends a pulse stream to a 49mhz? oscillator circuit.

Anyone ever tried to roll their own?

some roller doors have coded transmitters which can be a pain to replicate. You could hot wire it to remote control the push button so you can control it from your mobile phone or something.

I suspect it's somewhere advanced else every burglar would whip up something and go around taking what they please. Not for sure tho

Uncle Vernon:
Just do a google search for kits and designs there are hundreds about eg: http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=KC5458&form=CAT2&SUBCATID=965#11. 
But unless you doing it for the sheer heck of building some trivial electronics you can buy fully built rolling codeunits with a receiver and a couple of smallish remotes for around $40.  http://www.rhinoco.com.au/product/RCX


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