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Anyone used the bq77908a?


Hey guys, I'm looking to use this neat chip from TI in my electric scooter project. I have read through the datasheet many times, however after every time I read through, it always seems there's something else I need to add to the circuit, even though it's missing in the typical application circuit.

So, these typical application circuits, is it some sort of requirement they'll work fine as displayed?

I'm wondering if anyone here has done a design around this chip, and whether you could have a s quiz to see if I'm on the right track here.

Apologies if the diagram is a bit ugly, I have this habit of just bodging components in, then cleaning it all up later once I know I don't have to move stuff  ???

Just don't want a huge fireball the second I plug this in! :D



--- Quote from: Things on December 31, 2012, 12:16:32 pm ---So, these typical application circuits, is it some sort of requirement they'll work fine as displayed?

--- End quote ---
Although I am not familiar with this part, usually a datasheet contains one or several example applications and circuits that were used to perform the device's characterization - they sometimes come in different levels of detail and completeness, which may highlight certain parts of the circuit required to implement different topologies (this is true across several manufacturers).

However, with this particular device I think you will have a lot of extra information by also reading its EVM User's Guide - this guide is about an actual working board that is commercially available, therefore it definitely works.

Yeah, I've kind of been using the EVM as a reference as to what parts I really need, and it seems even for basic (safe) operation, the typ application diagrams are lacking quite a bit. On the flipside, the EVM is also over complicated in order to demonstrate all it's features :D

Anyway, what I have should be fine after checking over it a few more times. Will know for sure once it's built and power connected I guess :)


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