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Appx wattage needed for solding aluminum tubing with soldering iron?

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at least I got a number you got nothing. there is no mention of any kind of measurement. whats your deal. you can see from that number that the ball park strenght comes from something small, not as small as silver but its still small. They ain't write quarter inch there did they, they expect 2-3 pieces of printer paper developing the strength of the joint.

point is its a damn small number that makes the strength in the case of all brazing. you can surmise if its more then a few pieces of paper its bad. thats what brazing and soldering is about, a real small amount of material being really strong and making light weight high strength very neat and compact joints.

maybe this is a discussion about anchoring aluminum with brute force or something. there are alot of ways to use it but if you want that legendary performance thats the number you got to work with. you might actually be able to do some structural mathematics if you meet those joint criterion

What I have is multiple decades of Gas welding on a range of gear and materials for a start.

The point is is that that 'damn small number' is a FRAUD and cannot be achieved. It simply will not flow into a narrow crack or close fitting surface. If you had done any level of Aluminium with Gas or even Brazing in general (not silver soldering) then you would have a clue about joint prep!

--- Quote from: beanflying on July 13, 2022, 12:29:13 pm ---Lastly apart from mouthing off about Aluminium Brazing in every thread it is discussed in have you actually done much of it?

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thats because most of the alloys they sell are optimized for radiator crater fillers. I worked with testing large surface area stuff that was brazed gas tight aluminum around complex geometry

youtube aluminum braze-offs show that there is plenty of alloys that have a semblance of flow to them, but thats why I recommend the solder, it actually flows, and you can get the strenght from it, rather then falsified crater goo, without having to consult industrial manufacturing experts

I think they optimize alot of them as not to fuck up a car radiator with a clog.


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