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ARM M3 Tool chain - Compiler/Linker/JTAG/OS



I have done some research on which low cost tool set I should use my Arm M3 project. (STM32)
I am currently zooming in on Crossworks. Price is good, I hear support is good as well. In this context couple of questions:

Current plan is to use:
- Crossworks
- Olimex JTAG (no trace, but I should be fine)
- Free Rtos

Do you have any earth shattering comments about the selection?

Also, is there any ARM focused STDLib out there with source and no strings? I am hesitant to use STDLib from GNU as I read it is big in size, I would much rather have some open source ARM optimized STDLib I could customize for my needs. (i.e. take out the APIs I don't use using precompiler headers etc.)


For the "no strings" bit, pay attention to the open source licenses. GPL can ground your project.

Great point.. If I don't use standard libs, there should be no risk right?

Freertos license is not restrictive (I think, but I will double check) and if I don't use the stdlib but use something from Crossworks or other source, I should be fine. Whether the tools are GPL or not is really not relevant.


Many open source licenses aren't commercially restrictive. I know that the GNU GPL, as of 2 years ago, called for an entire program to be subsequently under the GPL if any linked part was under it. Microsoft (ok, maybe some media hound pawned it off on M/S) dubbed it a 'viral' license. I'm not sure if v3+ changed this. The LGPL certainly does.
Opinions concerning licenses vary widely, contradict, and are sometimes emotional for some reason. Maybe it's because it is difficult to fully understand all of the choices and their consequences, so we rely on gut feelings. Most of the licenses aren't very long, and they are worth reading (I 'suppose this means I should read them again, as it has been a few years). Consider it a good day's work!

I use Crossworks and recommend it.

If you can afford it go for the J-Link as it supports both JTAG and SWD.  If you want SWD with the Olimex you will need to get one of the Rowley adapters.


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