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Automotive Transient Protection on yacht

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I don't know how many circles I've been around trying to decide on transient protection.

I've found dodgy forum stuff, TI pdfs, etc, etc.

Where can I learn about what I reasonably need to do to add circuit protection.

At the moment I want to use a pic18, CAN bus and a TI chip on a yacht. Low power stuff. Maybe lightning but that's a bigger issue.

Also, running PI boards, esp32, etc.

Also information I find is 2014: https://www.ti.com/lit/an/snva717/snva717.pdf

Have things progressed here much?

Lightning protection is (obviously) very hard.

Probably a big thing is transients from the starter motor on the engine. Yachts usually have a small engine. There is an IEC spec for that; something like 200V pulses for a few ms - surprisingly hard to deal with, so you use an LM2940 rather than a 7805, for example.

This yacht has a 50hp motor. 80A alternator. Fridge motor turning on and off. Bilge pumps up to 10A running. Lithium BMS disconnects. It's not a clean supply at the end of the day.

I tried to find schematics of marine electronic gear. No luck there.

Assuming a 24v system?

What's your expected load? Can't be very much if you're just running some chips.


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