Author Topic: My Mini Tesla Coil Video (also transistor switching/checking, nostalgia, etc.)  (Read 2501 times)

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I finally made the Tesla coil (Slayer Exciter) video I mentioned in a previous post.  If you want to build a mini Tesla coil, diagnose a non-working one, know about modeling circuits in LTSpice, know some electronics principles, or see some electronics nostalgia, this video is for you.  In trying to diagnose my Tesla coil, I show ways to test a transistor (and ways to use a transistor for switching), and show how transformers work (even design power supplies), and show some nostalgic things from the past (such as electronics kits).  Also, I show variations of this circuit, and I show that this circuit really should work.  BTW, I pretty much show (or discuss) just about everything that uses a coil.

It's so jam-packed with stuff / information, it's really 7 or 8 videos in one.


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