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battery insulation fabrics?

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I need to remake the battery for a fenix flashlight. I think I replaced the LED in there a while back with extra brighter ones, but the old battery is not in stock anymore.

I took it apart and it looks like a cylinder cell made of 6x 18650. I found the triangle bits to spot weld the pack together but I need some of that green stuff in raw sheet form to insulate the battery.

I am not committed to this and I would not mind if there is superior material like maybe a kapton based one or something from a manufacturer like 3m with high temp adhesive or whatever

What are some good options? So I am not tempted to reuse anything in the old cell. Also some semi compressible foam spacers, maybe..

I also have some very high temp flurosilicone rubber sheet that is quite expensive and durable, but I still wanted at least a few pieces of the tougher fabric/cardboard/card whatever it is stock that is adhered on, to guarantee protection against cuts from the tab.

Perhaps there is a superior material that uses fiberglass or kevlar + something? that should dull out any edge that tries to cut into it, though I suspect its overkill 

try some nomex sheet,its a good insulator and as tough as old boots.

The stuff used for reusable non-stick baking sheets and liners oven bases is pretty tough. It has a woven glass fiber construction combined with some form of high temperature silicone. The woven construction means that doesn't tear, or puncture easily. Eg. https://www.amazon.co.uk/X-BLTU-Silicone-Reusable-Reusable-Professional/dp/B07Z93X3GJ/  It's relatively cheap too.

it needs to stick with whatever crap the factory has that sticks to it and also preferably from a known manufactuter like 3m

i wish digikey sold it. idk why china has the market on stupid paper that you absolutely need for batteries. there should be 3m version of this crap :rant:
its ridiculous if you try doing something with high performance batteries its like going to sears instead of home depot for tools  :-DD

I get some high temp kapton adhesive sheets from digikey too to put over chassis covers why not

but I don't see any god damn paper or something marketed towards batteries.

usa its only been 20 fucking years since the 18650 proliferated why are you acting like its not here to stay or that we don't use it. i know lets trust china withu ebike batteries

here is a spec. shit to stick on some batteries that you will put in some bullshit device that takes a few amps


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