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BAV99 low-voltage IV curve

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I have an application for which I wanted to know the IV curve of the BAV99 at low voltages. I measured a single diode from the pair in the forward direction on my HP 4145A for 200 values between 0.001 and 0.2 V. I think these results may also be useful to others, so I'm posting the plot. The blue curve is just the calculated static resistance, i.e., V/I.

Another curve that might be more useful for some applications is the "dynamic resistance" dV/dI.

David Hess:
I would like to see a small signal transistor like the 2N3904 emitter-base and collector-base junction also for comparison.


Maybe extend the voltage range to 0.5 or 0.6V forward biased, and also the reverse biased junction capacitance would be useful to "see" if the OP has the time.


For some applications, it is useful to see the dynamic resistance as the voltage goes through the origin (from slightly positive to slightly negative).
Near zero bias, the junction capacitance is maximum, and the dynamic resistance is finite.


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