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Best low-power MCU?

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Hi all,

I'm starting a project that needs to be able to go into a low-power mode and wake up at set intervals. I like the parallax propeller but it seems to have quite high current draw even with PLL off and only 1 core running. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good PIC with minimum 10 I/O pins and very low current draw when configured correctly. Either that or some way to make the propeller not draw as much current. Needs to be SMD also.

Of course I will be scouring the internet but if you know of any then let me know please, thankyou :D

There are many PIC nanowatt XLP parts with RTCC that can sleep with less than 3 uA.

How much code and RAM space do you need? Writing firmware in C? 5V or 3V I/O?


We would need more concrete numbers for what you actually need.  Sounds like most popular microcontrollers with sleep or deep sleep modes would work fine for you.  Doesn't sound like you need the heavyweight MSP430 or NanoWatt or Cortex-M0.

Thanks for that, I really like the look of the nanowatt XLP parts :D

In answer to your other q's: code and ram space really is unknown at this point, i'm just getting a basic outline of the project right now. firmware will be C, yes. 3v I/O.

PIC24FJ64GB002 looks good

64k flash (highest available in 28 pin package)
8k RAM
28 pin DIP, SOIC or QFN



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