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Best printer for toner transfer

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I have used toner transfer method for sometime to make PCB prototypes. I have used Samsung SCX3205 as my laser printer. It seems to work pretty ok, but it is getting old I want to get new even better printer for toner transfer method.

Main issue with Samsung printer has been large metal areas, which can have some holes. I think it is mainly due to uneven toner amount on the press n peel film. I have been able to make 100-150um lines and gaps with my Samsung.

I'm looking for alternatives to upgrade my printer and further enhance the quality of prototypes. I think I need printer with 1200dpi resolution. I have been looking for Xerox phaser 3330 and HP LaserJet Pro M304a. Anyone has any experience of these?

I think toner has significant impact to quality. I believe that lower melting point of toner would help. Does anyone has any experience of LED vs. laser printer?

I have also considered old Xerox colorqube printers, but I don't have access to any of those. I could get refurbished one, but I have impression that I cannot make thin 100um lines with solid ink printer even though resolution is 2400dpi. Anyone has used Colorqube for PCB prototypes?

My only experience has been negative, but recently discovered it was due to my Brother printer. The toner would not transfer. Look forward to hearing about suitable printers.

The printer isn't that important, it's the toner which matters. Some types of toner work great, some are ok, and others don't work at all. In some cases an alternative toner cartridge can be better than a genuine one. And if you found the right one, the vendor could change the toner type in a few years, but that's less likely for genuine toner cartridges.

making a professionnal pcb is so cheap today that I don't bother anymore with making my pcb at home.
not speaking of the disposal of chemical acids.
I would better invest in a small cnc to make small pcb quickly by milling, but not a toner transfert method.

I have read that Brother toner has some issues and it does not work. I'm not sure about latest printer models, if the toner has changed.

I want to use original toners, since I believe the quality is more consistent.

I will make mainly flexible PCB, which cannot be done with PCB mill. Or can we?

I will make my pcb by myself, because it is much faster.


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