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Building a DIY Curve Tracer

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We have a small team that is building an open source DIY Curve Tracer. Not a Tek577 replacement per se, but it can do most measurements and is a lot better than anything else we found. We are close to the final stages and have a fully operating CT that I'm making measurements with.

If you're interested, have look on my blog. Eventually everything will be shared on Github and here too but we'll wait until we have finished the project.


If you have comments or inputs, leave them here  to share because my Blog is limited in that respect.


The Curve Tracer project is now finished and we have published all information needed to build an instrument yourself.

The description of this version is here: https://www.paulvdiyblogs.net/2022/06/the-vba-curve-tracer.html
The Github with all files is here: https://github.com/paulvee/VBA-Curve-Tracer

It would be nice to share your experiences here.

Enjoy & success!

Paul, Mark and Bud

Very nice project!

Well done  :-+


I was always interested in this project.
i can make the order of the four boards at JLPCB - problem is, I will get get five sets, and if I can get at least another two guys interested, willing to purchase one set each at cost + shipping, that would be perfect. I do not want to profit, just cut a bit of slack.
I am located in Italy

I would be interested in a set of boards. Only issue is I am in Australia and not sure what the postage cost from Italy would be?



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