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Can anyone still use a pencil?

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Terry Bites:
Whats going on people? So few people include a diagram or schematic in their post.
Great thanks to those who do.
You cant do CAD or photoshop or any real work if you're stuck with a phone. But you can draw out your idea or problem on anything and take a photo to illustrate your post:
A post it note (TM) To which Dave claims no patent rights. Clay tablets, wet sand before the turn of the tide, charcoal on the cave wall, a tatoo, bog roll even?
Isnt drawing is an prerequisite skill for any serious endevour.
Tell me why this is untrue. Again I'm asking this!
The first 100000 responders can have a hand knitted 2THz oscillosope schematic. Delivered one stitch at a time via chatting. |O

Terry, the problem is, that you're a dinosaur... and so am I.
My most important tools are A4 paper, pencil and rubber. There, I sketch out the overall structure/architecture of my idea/design.
Then, I use more A4 sheets to go deeper into details on the different elements.
And then (not earlier), I might think about starting up a schematic editor.

Greenhorns start the simulator on the smartphone right away instead. It results in lousy designs, but who cares? It can be posted on Facebook!!!. YEEAAHH!

I once told the lab guys I use P.C. Draw   PenCil that is!!! I did most of my idea / rough drafts with pencil and paper. But then again, I still own and use a Post 1460 Versalog!!! (Wish it had the magnified cursor) Well, at least it has red, green, blue and black scales to keep me on track. I even have the belt holster!!! Of course the super nerds had a Versalog in one hip holster and a Versatrig on the other hip!!  "Stick 'em up or I'll resolve that phase angle to the fourth digit!!"


--- Quote from: Terry Bites on November 13, 2021, 08:02:53 pm ---Whats going on people? So few people include a diagram or schematic in their post.

--- End quote ---

I don't mind a narrative explanation, generally - but from an engineer a sketch is "a thing of beauty ..."


ed for a poem

Well, for my part, it's just slightly annoying enough to draw a schematic and post it somewhere, than to use a verbal description.  Which inevitably fails as I forget how poorly understood such descriptions are...

Ahah, turning this thread around from complaining about the youngins to critiquing the oldie's teaching methods! :D



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