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Can you recomend an adjustible current limiter?

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I am building a resistance soldering unit. Got a 7.5VDC 200A power supply for the job. Would like to add an adjustable current limiter to the output. Can someone recommend an off the shelf part? My other, 12V resistance solderer has a 50A 12VDC power supply and i am regulating that one with a 600W light dimmer on its AC input. For this 1500W model (7.5V @200A psu) i am looking for a adjustable current limiter, rather than just input power limiter like a light bulb dimmer would be. Can anyone recommend an off the shelf part, so that i don't have to try to cobble one together with high power diodes.

Regulating high currents is a pita, and you do not do that "behind the power supply".

Adjusting input power with a light dimmer (alike) in front of the power supply is a common way with manageable loss, maybe you can modify the power supply to have an internal current limit.

brand model of your psu, photos, internals  etc ...

we can just guesstimate things

Also, when the output is some resistance wire, then controlling the output voltage instead of the current may be adequate, or even preferential.

As usually resistance increases with temperature, feeding it with a constant voltage will reduce the current at higher temperatures, and this (partially) stabilizes the temperature. This is quite common in self limiting PTC heating elements.

Thanks for replies, after a couple of days i thought there wont be any...
The power supply is Cosel 7.5V 200A power supply PBA1500F-7R5
Spec sheet: https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/622/coel_s_a0001320608_1-2288971.pdf

The intended use is as a current source for resistance solderer so a straight up resistive load.


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