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Capacitance Decade Switch for Guitar

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I have a question I'm hoping I can get some help with. There's a decade switch (capacitance only) that Les Paul used on some of his guitars. It's an 11 position switch, but only used 4 capacitors (10 capacitance values and 1 bypass position). Here's how they show it in the diagram:

I can't find a detailed diagram or any more info on the actual switch. I assume it's playing games rotating things in and out of parallel or series to get the appropriate values. Based on the spread of the resistors, I assume it would go something like: 47nF, 56nF, 68nF, 82nF, 100nF, 120nF, 150nF, 180nF, 220nF, 270nF. The numbers wouldn't likely be exact, but I imagine close enough. Or maybe it had some other funky combination of capacitance values (I will eventually be able to measure the values on a different guitar).

Any ideas of what switch would be used and how it was wired to accomplish this?

Worst case, I can get an 11 position switch and just load it with those values, but it would be cooler to make it more like the original.


Online measurement may be affected by interference from other components, especially capacitors, and may not yield accurate results

The 10 positions with 4 caps  sounds like could be  a bcd switch,more than likley custom made to get the added bypass

The cap values are basically in a geometric series with common ratio 2 so the decade switch looks like a "binary thumbwheel switch":


Here is a project to create a low-cost multi-decade capacitor substitution box out of several of these kinds of switches:



--- Quote ---so the decade switch looks like a "binary thumbwheel switch":
--- End quote ---
There also available in standard rotary switch style,for example
yea it says 16 way,but shifting the end stop soon makes it 10


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