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Capacitors rms current sharing?



You want to go for low esr electrolytic capacitors, and they all have a maximum current rating specified. If your capacitor doesn't have a maximum current specified, then it is the wrong type of capacitor.  100uF sounds a bit low for 2A. Anyway, capacitors will deteriorate with age so if you want the circuit to last, I would go for an electro with a 4A rating.

It all comes down to the heat in the core of the electro - the hotter it is, the quicker the ESR will rise causing it to get hotter still till it fails. 

If necessary, put several electro's in parallel.


2A is just a fair bit of RMS current.  Is the inductance big enough so that it has a fairly constant current all the time? 

2A RMS sounds like maybe 4A average current in the primary. Is it something like that?

I am dubious, but absolutely try out.

Every low ESR cap has the RMS current specified and if italien not enough, you can use more than one in parallel. The MLCCs will also reduce the current seen by the electrolyte.


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