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Cat 7 RJ45 Ethernet Cable for CAN-FD application


On a application with CAN-FD, I want to use a Cat 7 cable with 30 AWG pure copper.

I choose it since it has twisted pair cables and its shielded.

I am not sure if the 30 AWG are enough. Could someone explain me?

P.S I forgot to mention that the distance/length is 4-5m

RJ45 is mentioned in CAN in Automation (CiA) Standard 303 Part 1. You really should use the standard pinout:

1. CAN_H
2. CAN_L
3. CAN_GND (Signal Grould)
4. (NC)
5. (NC)
6. Optional CAN Shield
7. Optional Ground for 8.
8. Optional external positive supply for transceivers, optocouplers etc. Should be between 18VDC to 30VDC with nominal 24VDC.

30AWG should be enough given the length.


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