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CC2500 - Oh how I hate you!

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Did you work on CC2420. I need application note or some example codes to interface it with MSP430FG4618.


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--- Quote from: shadewind on October 02, 2011, 12:36:47 am ---I just designed a board using the CC2500 and it seems to work fine, both sending and receiving properly. I didn't have too many problems and I'm a beginner in the field of electronics (been doing this for less than a year) so I'm guessing bad luck on your part.

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I haven't had time to revisit the CC2500 yet but will do soon. What micro did you hook the CC2500 up to? Would you mind posting the code you used to get it up and running?

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I used an STM32F100C6. There's a bit of code in different files so copy-pasting is a bit of a hassle but I can send you the whole project if you want. It should be easy to read.


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