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Cheap charcoal fume extractor made out of computer PSU


I was taking apart a 3 yr old 1000 watt computer PSU to desolder some parts, etc and realized it would make a great fume extractor. I also had more charcoal sheet than I'll ever need since the order for my air purifier came with an astounding amount (For just $1.50).

So here's what I made:

After removing all the electronics. It's a 140mm fan.

Cut a peice of charcoal sheet to fit in the exhaust and used a plate that was originally on the fan to hold the sheet in place

Stays put well

Used some carbon fiber looking sticker thing to seal the bottom

Exhaust side when put back together

Working on my desk. Good suction at 12v.
I reattached the switch that turns on the LEDs..can be white or blue or off.
I might eventually attach a nice plug into the box with it's own power switch so that the wires aren't hanging out.

That's excellent reuse of old parts. I love it.  :)
I have a habit of using stuff from old video player, TV's, radios and whatnot, myself. It's kinda fun making old shit into something useful.


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