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Cheaper Crimper


Hi All -- I'm interested in making some 15 pin Micro-D cables, and the only connector/backshell that seems reasonable to use is from Norcomp, and uses pins 960-001-170L005

With the following datasheet https://content.norcomp.net/rohspdfs/Micro-D/960-001-170L005.pdf

The crimper they suggest is about $600 bucks, but I wonder if there's some alternative I might be able to use. Is there any chance there is some crimping hand tool with interchangable dies, with a suitable die? I'm fine with spending $600 or so for a tool and $300 or so for each additional pin type I want to crimp, but $600 is just too much. Is there a cheaper hand tool that requires a bit more finesse that might work, like the ENGINEER PA series?

I have the ENGINEER PA-09, PA-20, and PA-21, although I've only needed to use the PA-21. It works okay, just note that the crimping area length is only about 1.5 mm, so you may need to crimp twice. For large pins, the short crimping area can split the wings that fold over. Otherwise it seems to work well. It's well made and doesn't feel loose. I probably did 100 of those large Molex pins and it still works fine.

We found the micro d contacts rather difficult to extract so do be careful

Micro-Ds are quite finicky to crimp right, even with the 'official' crimper. ITT Cannon sells them with 26 AWG teflon insulated pigtails attached. I use those for low-volume/prototype stuff.


Terry Bites:
Dont scrimp on the crimper. Accidentally chopping one of your wires short will cause tears.  Ask an aircraft mechanic.
It take a bit of getting used to and some practice. Likewse the extractor.

That said, the word Burgundy fills me with dread.

Always buy ready made cable if you can. Or design your project around ready made cables- if you can.


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