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Coil whine - is CA superglue safe on inductors

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[attachimg=1]I have been working on modifying a tripplite su2200rtxl2ua online UPS to go in my office. So far I have replaced the batteries with lifepo4 and swapped the fans for quiet ones. Unfortunately the 18khz PWM of causes one of the inductors to whine substantially. I have used a microphone as well as a paper cone and my ear to confirm which inductor is making the noise. Before anyone says it is not the inductor, it is definitely the inductor. There are no ceramic caps nearby that could be making the noise, and the relay next girl the inductor is definitely not the source.

My plan is to start with some sort of rigid glue to stop the windings from moving on the core, then maybe apply some hot glue (depending on how hot that inductor gets) or electronics grade silicone.

My question is will CA based superglue (thin or medium) damage the coating on the inductor turns? I do not know who made the inductor or exactly what the insulation is. All I can tell is it has a blue toroidal core, and two windings (so I guess it is a 1:1 transformer) with about 30 turns of 18awg wire each, and one winding has an orange color while the other is a deeper red. The inductor/transformer in question is near the second one from the back along the middle of the inverter with the visible blue core.

Thank you to anyone who is able to provide advice.[attachimg=1]

I doubt CA will damage the inductor coating - it's enamel. But you can buy small bottles of transformer varnish that would work.

cause is poorly designed converter, subcycle oscillatons or,unstable loop.

No ammount of adhesive will fix the noise.

the APC UPS seem better design and quality than trip lite


Whether or not an APC UPS would be better isn’t quite relevant for me. I have two of these I got for a song, so my goal is to make it quiet enough to live in my office. I know I can’t fully eliminate the whine, but I am sure I can at least attenuate it some. It is mechanical movement after all.
If I could I would use one of the APC xl units as they can have their charge voltage adjusted and my bank could do with just a bit more voltage but i can’t find one local to me and shipping one would cost nearly what I have in this project.


--- Quote from: jonpaul on February 04, 2023, 01:40:36 pm ---the APC UPS seem better design and quality than trip lite

--- End quote ---
APC is an overpriced trash buld from trash parts, usually with trash batteries included. I'm talking overall, not just cheap consumer models.


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