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Components clearance in Altium


Nikos A.:
Hi everyone,
I am facing an issue that I cannot workaround. I have set 0.254mm clearance for all components as you can see from the screenshot below and I use the Moving [Push: avoid] option while placing the components. For some components the clearance differs from what I have set in design rules. For example, I can place R22 0.254mm close to another component BUT if I rotate R22 then the minimum distance I can place it close to that component is around 3.3mm. I can place it closer only if I use Moving [Push: Ignore] option.

What is the problem behind this issue? This could be related to the footprint, or is there any design rule I have to check, or maybe this is somehow related with system preferences? This issue also applies for some other components. I also attach the 3D view in case that it is helpful

Here I have rotated R22 and as you can see I cannot place it closer than 3.3mm


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