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--- Quote from: bostonman on December 05, 2022, 03:19:55 am ---Then why does the pointer move when it's sitting still on the plexiglass surface, but only on certain sections of it?

--- End quote ---

Seen a few times the same thing you describe.  I suspect this might be because of some auto-sensitivity adjustment in the sensor, a control loop that is trying to adjust the sensor's ISO up and down, in seek of a decent number of distinct pixels.  At different sensitivity, different details of the surface may become visible, and thus the optical flow detection algorithm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_flow might take that variation as movement.

This is the first cause I would investigate, a wild guess, I don't know for sure why it is happening.

No idea. I assumed it's noise, because what else.

Maybe shot noise of the illuminator, somehow accentuated by some particular structures of the surface :-//

Or maybe in the affected locations, there's slightly changing reflected light from other sources than the mouse's own illuminator.

It's not really a problem as I normally use a mouse pad anyway. It was more being curious since nothing moves.

I'm thinking maybe certain surfaces cause a kaleidoscope affect with the mouse causing it to constantly see different objects.


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