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Do you know this connector make/model?

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does anybody know what connector type is the one i the attached picture?

I have seen in a few times before but don't know the make.model. It is used in some saunas and as you can see from the second picture, in the manual they say it is NEMA 5-20 or 6-20 which I don't think is correct because when I googled it it shoes completely different one (mains type connector).

Thank you :)

I've always called them "aviation connectors" (which is also not a great name).

The industry name might be GX12 or GX16 (which might be two different sizes of the same style of connector).

Thank you :)

In a 4-pin version very often used for CB radio microphones.

Yeah, looks like a GX<D>-5. What's the outer diameter of the threaded part of the male connector? That will tell you <D>. I'm guessing, from a very rough visual estimation of the size of your fingers compared to the connector, it's one of 12, 14 or 16. (The '-5' is, of course, the number of pins.)

In general, it's helpful to post dimensions for this sort of question. 🙂


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