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Constant current constant voltage linear supply problems/questions

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I haven't read through the data sheet completely, but I don't think LT3083 has programmable current limit.

Yeah, it's the LT3081. Though if you want a digital programmable one instead of setting it with a pot you need to get a bit tricky. You need to do something like use a 390 Ohm resistor between ilim and the output and then push extra current through that resistor to set the limit.

True but apparently you can use a pot to change the set pin voltage so you can also use a DAC+ op amp magic BUT then again i am where i was before with the LM317s
BUT if i use a LM317 for current limiting and an LT3080/3083 then i may just make it work

If you use the LT3081 you don't need the LM317 and you get a stable and very fast CV/CC control loop which can work with no output capacitance.

I will also check that one, main problem with it is that it is not available on LCSC as of now , so i would need to move my order to mouser (  and cheek vs the shipped threshold since i want cheap/free shipment)
PS the LT308x series is in a way voltage controlled via a output current in the uA range so i need to be carefull when i convert it to DACs


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