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Constant current source adjustable by PWM

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I would like to get Constant current source, but the level of current needs to be adjustable (from 0 to 20 MA approx), I need to have very low cost of BOM, best is to avoid OP Amps if possible.

R3 is the charge where I need constant current.

The idea is to replace V2 source by MCU PWM output

How this schematic could be improved? Does Q2 needs to be replaced by Mosfet ?


20MA ... that's a lot of current!  I assume you mean "mA".

schmitt trigger:
Why are you against using an opamp? Why are you restricting the use of a component which will make your life easier and performance better?

Yes sorry typo is mA of course

Not using OP Amps is mainly cost problem with this project, but if there are no solutions why not ?


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