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Convert Acceleration into Displacement


Is there an application that I can use to convert non-linear acceleration into displacement?
The data is acceleration vs time in CSV format.
I then want to view a chart of displacement vs time, either in the suggested application or else save the new data into a CSV file.

Thanks for any help you can give me, Bill.

Just numerically integrate twice to get displacement. Take a running sum of the acceleration*timestep to get velocity, then running sum of velocity*timestep to get position. Should be doable in Excel. More info here:


Use the trapezoidal integration method using Excel and double integrate.

If you interested in the overall integral and not individual points, be careful with the integration results as integrations need a constant to be added to the result.

If you are looking at alternating acceleration (eg vibration), make sure your raw data doesnt have a DC offset. If not, force it to have a 0 mean value. Otherwise your displacement will shoot to an unrealistic value over time.


here, the least i can do. assuming you are collecting acceleratormeter data convert into acceleration and time interval are provided/calculated.
avst.jpg = the concept
avst.xls = the implementation (rough one)

WOW !!  Super Replies and Super Fast.

Thanks very much to you all.



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