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CoOS vs. CTL of Crossworks


Hi All,

I am making some progress with my project (ARM M3 based, using STM32). I initially wanted to use CTL of Crossworks as a task library but later come across this Coocox development environment and oS.

Do you guys have any experience with CooCox (CoOS)? It is much more smaller than FreeRtos and it does have what I need in terms of OS libraries. I am really trying to streamline my development, any mistake here has dire consequences.

So far:
- Tool chain - GNU
- Tools: Crossworks
- STD Lib: Crossworks (or something else)
- OS: Open
- JTAG: FTDI based USB, Olimex

Appreciate your feedback.


"dire consequences"? You do realize there will be mistakes made in every step of the way...


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