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Hi guys,

I'm using the MAX4172 current sensing chip, but this has a max temperature of "only" 85C, does anyone know of a similar chip that does 125 or 150 C ?


very nice, thank you, I'll have to give that a read, I'm trying to figure out if by SO case they mean SOIC ? my guess and hope is that it is the same pin-out as the MAX4172 as it is a very similar looking device but with more pins used, I hate to think what it costs, the MAX4172 is bad enough at up to £3 (2 if bought in bulk)

well I'll be damned, it's 1/2 the price of the 4172, I'll better get reading that data sheet

Yeah, the max4080 is what I'm going to try soon myself.

The main reason I looked further than the MAX4172 is it would appear by Farnell and RS's pages it is becoming un-obtainium in Oz....

And as you say, the 4080 is cheaper  :)


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