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i am trying to design a DC step up converter and i am finding difficulties to simulate my circuit. I can find all the components(i.e MC34063) i need for the simulation. I am using Multisim 11 and Ultiboard 11 for the PCB design. Although i manage to skip the MC34063 by using a pulse  to mimic the operation of the chip the problem is that i can to the same for the PCB design so i stuck :(   i attached the circuits on the message, any suggestions how i can make the PCB design?
(in the doc file is just a representation of the circuit)



--- Code: ---if(file.type == "docx")
--- End code ---

OxygenOffice  Professional reads that docx file perfectly - it's basically OpenOffice with lots of stuff added in.

It does annoy me though when people post pictures in Word format when a simple PNG would do. I've translated it from M$ to a universal format which everyone can read.

I use KiCAD for PCB designs but many people here use Eagle.

I can't help you with the simulation other than suggesting LTSpice which is designed for simulating SMPSes.

Hi! Marios,

Download this "Design Worksheet" from the site of OnSemi : http://www.onsemi.com/PowerSolutions/supportDoc.do?type=tools&rpn=MC33063A

This wil hel you with step up and down converters.

Kind regarts,


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