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--- Quote from: Noopy on October 07, 2021, 08:30:21 am ---Unfortunately on this die the layers donĀ“t show the nice colors we have seen with other dies.

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Yep, because it was the glass :)

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I had the hope there is still some ... ... resonance ... ... refraction ... ... whatever.  ;D

AFAIK the color is given by the nanostructures being (multiple of) half wavelength, and the incident and reflected wave interfering with each other, somewhere in the middle of this video it is explained with a few more details:

Assuming the refraction index is the same, and the metal or semiconductor layers are glossy (no nano "bumps" on the surface to turn them into a metamaterial), I guess it should be possible to calculate the glass thickness by measuring the reflected spectrum.

I agree with you.  :-+
Nevertheless I had the hope...  ;D


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