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Demo Board from ITead Studios for a PCB Design Tutorial

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Jon Chandler:
Woohoo....my boards from ITead Studios arrived today.  I designed this as a handout and design aid for a tutorial I'm going to present at the local hackerspace in Seattle on using Eagle to design boards for commercial fabrication.

The front side of the board has various package types and sizes, resistor and capacitor patterns and a number of hole sizes.  Hopefully, this will help prevent others from making some of the mistakes I have over the years!  This is actually the worst board of the lot and I am delighted!  The 0.5 mm pitch TQFP package in the lower right corner has some scratches where the manufacturer cleaned up the clearances between the pads.  This perfectly illustrates one of my points: "Don't push the limits of the technology if you don't absolutely have to."

The boards were delivered three and a half weeks after I ordered them.  There was some confusion regarding the Gerber files as I didn't think to mention that there were no traces on the top side and few on the bottom.

I've seen a few versions of these types of boards and I think it is a great idea.  For someone like me who is getting up from the grid board hand routing to manuf. PCB, a references like this would be great.

Would you be willing to share the Gerbers?

Jon Chandler:
I'd be happy to share the Gerbers.  I'd like to know where they're going though, so send me a PM with your email address and I'll send them.

I think we'll also make the boards available through Metrix Create:Space in Seattle if you just want one or two copies.  I'll post here when we have the details about this.

I'll see if you are going to offer them first, otherwise I'll PM you when I start deciding to go custom PCB route.  It would be interesting to send the same sample through a couple different board fab houses to see the differences.

Jon, how did you make the corners of the board rounded?


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