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Dependence of a scope's frequency response on vertical attenuator setting

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--- Quote from: saturation on February 03, 2011, 03:44:59 pm ---The ?? and ? marks my uncertainty, and is a reason this is a prelim graph; I'm checking the signal source and seeing how reliable it really is there.  The reason are the peak acquisition versus average acquisition Vpp are relatively similar. at most vary <= 400uV, however at the ?? there is over mV differences due to Hantek's reduced output at 50 MHz and inability to provide a stable output below 100mVpp.

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It's hard to tell wether the variation is in the generator or in the scope, IMO. The generator is clearly not flat over the frequency range (can't imagine the scope being -11dB at its rated bandwidth), and the low amplitudes look suspicious, so who knows what's going on over the rest of the range. It's not surprising to me to see cheap generators not having a flat response, some don't even bother calibrating the output amplitude and just show it in relative units.


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