Author Topic: Recommended IC for simple 3A SLA to SLA Boosting battery charger (Costdown)  (Read 116 times)

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Looking for some IC recommendations.

I made a new battery charger product using an LTC4162-S IC, just to get something to customer ASAP with limited testing required. It all works well. but is expensive due to the LTC4162-S

Now that I have some time I want to do a cost down and also improve/simplify the design a little.

Can anyone recommend a cheap DCDC IC with input 12V or 24V (automotive batt) and then BUCK+BOOST to dump 3A into a 12V lead acid battery?  (Needs to handle 12V to 12V  or  24V to 12V)

Obviously will need error amps for current limit feedback and voltage limit to 14.4V.
Current limit cannot be low side resistor, sadly.

This isn't running 24/7  So no need for anything advance with different charging modes.  It just needs to dump 3A from one batt to the other until the voltage is 14.4V

Any ideas?

It does need to be reliable, so no $3 aliexpress DCDC SEPIC modules :)
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