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Designing a HDMI capable Board with F1C100s Processor - Seeking Input

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Hey there!

there are a variety of boards based on the F1C100s/F1C200s processor, and I am currently working on designing my own. The datasheet shows that the processor offers several display output options, including a Parallel RGB interface with resolutions up to 1280x720@60fps.

However, I don't plan to connect a display directly, but am considering integrating an alternate output. The F1C200s does offer a TV composite output that I could theoretically use, but so far I haven't seen anyone actually use this feature in their board design. Also, I'm unsure if Linux supports this output as a display, especially given Allwinner's lack of documentation. In addition, the quality of a composite signal is not comparable to a clear digital signal, and three jacks (2 for stereo audio and 1 for video + an amplifier circuit for the audio) takes up a lot of space on the board.

So I am considering integrating HDMI with an HDMI transmitter IC like the Sil9022. However, I wonder if this would actually work. A first look at the datasheet of the Sil9022 shows that it supports a 1280x720@60fps signal as input.

I2S audio is also supported by both ICs. However, the F1C100s is not very powerful and does not even have a GPU let alone an FPU. In addition, I'm also interested to know if any public schematics based on the Sil9022 exist, as I personally haven't found any.

I am aware that my board will probably not be any more compact than a Raspberry Pi Zero and will definitely offer fewer features (and thus be pretty useless). Still, the idea of having a chip output HDMI without a dedicated GPU fascinates me. I think it could be an exciting design challenge.

What are your thoughts on this? Can anyone help me with some information?

Many thanks in advance!

Have you seen the SSD210 chip? Much more powerful and still very cheap.

The SSD210 is definitely interesting. However, I have already decided to go with the F1C200s chip in my current design and the SSD210 is also definitely harder to find online. For future projects though, I will keep an eye on the SSD210 as it is promising. Thanks for the tip!

Well in that case leave composite signal as last resort,. composite quality is pretty bad.

You might be able to do something with the lcd output:


I have looked at the TFP410 IC you linked before and it seems to be much better documented than the Sil9022 (and a bit simpler overall). However, it doesn't support audio, which is different with the Sil9022 HDMI transmitter I was considering.


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