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designing around the MC34063 min inductor value formula

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oh right ? so what do they call MPPT controller chips ? how do i recognise one ? my plan was to use a cheap SMPS controller with some nice low Rdson mosfet(s) that had an MCU supplying the feedback signal taking it's cue from a current sense chip (MAX4080). I'd just write a simple program that sends a PWM signal that is low pass filtered to the SMPS controller feedback and varies (dither's) it in order to stay around the maximum current output

The way you describe it is one of the standard ways to implement an MPPT control.
A PWM controller is not an MPPT controller, it simply gives out a PWM modulated signal based on the reference you give it.
Although I think there could be some exotic MPPT controller ICs, somewhere, I think the solution using an MCU is the simplest and cheapest.
You can run a relatively slow MPPT algorithm on the MCU, then you have two alternatives: output the current reference to an external PWM current controller (something like UC2886) via filtered PWM or an external DAC, or take the current control inside the MCU, too. Implementing a good current control inside the MCU usually requires high processing speed, but you could accept a low bandwidth control and update the duty-cycle at each n PWM cycles, while using hardware current protection (comparator).


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