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Detecting early signs of failure in switch mode power supplies

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Sadly just to take apart a PSU, and desolder parts to check, takes so long, that only us hobbyists bother to do it. With the price of replacements and labour, it's usually cheaper to get a new 1.

I have a few old PSU I fixed, and it was fun learning stuff from doing that. I have a few more to try and fix. But IDK what to do with them after that, they are getting too old to sell.

I agree with elecdonia,
however I had recently reviewed lots of HP PSUs "HSTNS-PDxx" (12V) ranging from 460W, 800W, 1200W and 1600W and it seems that HP is trying to fit as many components as possible in the same frame (and even increasing from one fan to two fans - placed side by side and acting 'serially' to increase air flow) - leaving almost no space for all that air to pass through the case ???
So I guess cooling is all but not very successful design - maybe the idea is that they are designed to work limited time only ...



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