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Hi all!

As some of you know I started some die pictures Topics here. In this topic I will post everything that doesn´t fit into the other topics.

So today let´s start with an old wafer built at the "Werk für Fernsehelektronik Berlin".

50mm and a die with a edge length of 1,2mm that still gives you over 1000 chips.  :-+

The wafer contains six test structures and some big things in the middle.

I assume the squares are some kind of etch markers.

The wafer was nearly done only the metal layer is missing. Well that gives some interesting pictures.
Unfortunately I don´t know which chip they tried to build here.

Nice!  8) :)

More pictures here:


Maybe some very minimal bangap reference? But it's just 4 (5?) NPNs, it's nuts.

I think some current sources or thermal sensors might work on similar principle. No idea why it seems to be a dual.

Maybe just a random test wafer, never meant to even resemble any commercial IC product.

It´s a D220!  :)
=> Two 4-Input-NANDs

I also thought about a bandgap reference   ;D but the 4-emitter-transistor is used for the 4 inputs.  :-+

I completely forgot about those :palm:

Makes perfect sense :-+
The diodes have to be input protection, the empty area is simply there because bonding pads take too much space.


Today I have a e-ink-display-controller for you. It came out of a watch (Crell NC-7279-919).

RE10E180D1?  :-//

I assume these structures are esd protection circuits.

I assume these structures are the output stages and some memory for every output.

Some Gatearray-Logic.

Perhaps a clock generator?  :-//

Some more pictures here:




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