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Different type LCR SMD Fixture

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Nice work, thanks for sharing it!

My favorite impedance fixture is the HP 16092A Spring clip fixture, usable up to 3GHz! Very clever design, it handles down to 0402 parts, even leaded parts! It is not 4 terminal though. 

I used it up to 500MHz with an HP3495A analyzer. It is always impressive to see a little $0.02 part operating nicely at 500MHz. It does use 7mm and N connectors to the instrument, but a similar type fixture could be used at lower frequencies.



Do you mind if I riff a little off your concept ?

I want to make a whetstone bridge, with four DUT positions, so that I can qualify matched pairs of common SMD devices. The board under the clamps was a random 100x100 mm board that I was using to make sure it would all fit.

thanks !

Created some 3D printed standoffs and a plunger with narrow tip.

Considering ordering a set of PCBS with gold plating as well as the DC Bias Adapter and Tek Curve Tracer Adapters if folks are interested.



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